Thursday, May 20, 2010

pink toes and silver fingers

dress- Fire
vest- landon west
shoes: lower east side
charm bracelet-forever 21
solid brown- vintage
multicolored bracelet-flea market
sorry about the lack of creativity with the title. The best part of my day was eating out with half the family- umm spending some cash at walmart (buying those under the bed boxes - i need more space in my closet and well now i have to switch out winter clothes and find another home for them - but i dnt want to sell so under the bed boxes to the rescue!) and painting my natural nails- i went to a prom a couple of weeks ago and the 'fashion nails' barely fell off.
sorry for the blurry photos & sorry if your head hurts

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After Dark shots

dress: t.r.a.m.p
belt: vintage
shoes: my sisters
hat: my baby sister
spent the day lounging around at home, baby sitting, the BoyFriend picking me up- watching him play basketball while an unlucky bowl of nachos got gobbled up by me. Gosh im a boring person. anyways i decided to try night shots of my outfit just to spice it up a bit- umm now i feel like watching the spice girls movie.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Target Mania

boots: gift
shirt: hot topic
Vest: birthday gift
hat: target
crappy photo from my blackberry. Can you still wear New Moon shirts?
does anyone else think its weird that this shirt was found the men section of Hot Topic?
umm :) i always get compliments when i wear this shirt. I also get alot of people yelling at me TEAM EDWARD! awkward at times but its a great ice breaker- getting pretty pumped up for Eclipse- This is gonna be my third midnight showing for the Twilight Saga. Ehh, i read the book wayyy before it was popular. Reading is a passion of mine, everyone should read instead of watching TV in my personal opinion. BUT everyone should make an exception for Glee!

it's been a while huh?

dress:MNG suit
boots: from Dots
belt: vintage
purse: vintage
bracelet: forever 21
headband: mardi gras costume jewelry
i know i haven't been posting lately with finals and my dad coming home from Afghanistan, party planning and job hunting. But I'm out for the summer (well till July) and i have a lot more extra time so blogging is coming back in full swing! ok i really loved how this dress turned out. I bought it off a nice girl for 2 dollars but the hem was too long, i actually had to cut off 10 inches and im so happy it came out good! yes the glasses are real! they're not accessories!