Thursday, July 8, 2010

I live in Texas, of course i have boots!

^$20.00_______ ^$5.00________.^$25.00 _____^$15.00
^$2.00 _______^$4.00 ___________________^30.00

^$3.00______ Christmas gift^

I never realized how many pairs of boot i had until this post- wow. I didn't have an outfit today - its one of those rare lazy days- to be honest im still in my pj dress. so i let my boots take the show. i got most of these boots at a really good price the most expensive pair was $30.00. For you i will list the prices. cant wait to see my girls this weekend- hopefully that T-storm just blows on by tonight!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Billy Jean

DENIM 1- jean jacket

DENIM 2: bleached shorts

Denim 1:
skirt- vanilla star
shirt- charlotte russe
vintage jean jacket- charlotte russe
boots: vintage

Denim 2:
shorts- vintage american eagle
shirt- forever 21
belt- vintage
aviators- vintage
watch- my fathers
bracelets (mutiple colors)- flea market
green bracelet- handmade
headband- my brothers necklace
heels- american eagle

After receiving my amazing new issue of teen vogue i felt inspired to showcase my jean apparel. After all the new issue is all about DENIM!! today i squeezed in my denim jacket and show surfer chic faded shorts. Look for my denim dress, vest and pants showcase.