Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dirty hair photographs best

love this sweet cowgirl outfit- the jacket matches the boot wonderfully-
love that her skirt is knee high!! this is so pretty pastels! part hippie- part vintage cool. love the bag-wish i would of gotten a closer picture!
shirt-mossimo supply co. frm target
hat- target
shoes- american eagle
belt- vintage
not much today, just Univ and English class- they were pretty fun actually. Turns out the number one thing i wouldn't give up is 'Good family relationships' HA! who knew? UNIV always brings out the weird in me :) English was awesome have a huge project due Monday where it requires me to be creative- easy A if you ask me.
Earth Day tomorrow!
EHH prom dress shopping tomorrow-
lol my high school boy friend is taking me to his senior prom
yes, im in college- no im not a cradle robber he's my age!
he was held back a year.
cnt wait for him to join me at Pam Am ...
can you tell that my hair is extremely dirty? well it might not look it but
sure feels like it - hence the title of this blogpost

Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Week, right?

the essence of hippie chic, you've shoulda seen the colors on this skirt!
all shes missing is a ring of flowers in her hair!
girls just wanna have fun theme song keeps playing in my head when i
look at these two summer ready gals

so wonderful, finally started photographing people again :) happy bout that!
is it earth week this week? i know its earth day on the 22nd.

Keep Austin Weird

Austin trip, you were eventful. Dog walks, hippies, baby bob Marley's, shopping, seizure awareness, veggie food, winding roads, GPS failures and car sickness. Weird yet exciting. No outfits but i did turn into a amatuer photographer while i was in town ...I'll try to find a picture of my outfit until then enjoy my amateur photos

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ive got the blues.

plaid shirt: mossimo supply frm target
short: vintage abercrombie & fitch
Belt: vintage
tights: walmart
boots: gift frm my mom
bag: vintage aspen woods

So sad that Bret Micheal's concert got cancelled. Hope you feel well Bret! get better soon! well my Austin trip is in full swing. Just counting down the day till i leave. YAY mighty Texas dog walk here i come!
I'm getting kinda tired of all this rain. Well mainly I'm tired of getting RAINED ON. Ehh ruins outfits, makes my hair smell weird. BLAH RAIN but i have been noticing a rain trend. Everyone is bring out their daisy dukes and cowboy boots/rain boots. I too have done the same, who wants saggy wet pants anyways?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Well hello there Mrs. Brown

tee- vintage
skirt- vintage l.e.i
boots: vintage zodiac
Springs here one day gone the next... Texas? whats wrong with you? you bring me these awesome boots for $5 but you bring rain the day i wear them? The skies are gray, i think i may migrate towards Austin for the weekend. Sigh, Austin or Bret Micheal's concert? decisions, decisions.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

baby shower madness


dress- forever 21

heels- mia 2

belt vintage

this past weekend has been so eventful! two baby showers, two days, lots of potato salad. Saturday was the baby shower of my cousin on my mom's side of the family. Sunday was the baby shower of my cousin on my dad's side of the family. Sorry to say that i only have photos from one baby shower. So these photos are from the baby shower i went to today.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

let vintage out of its cage

blouse- vintage
shorts- abercrombie & fitch
belt- american eagle
boots- dnt rememeber

ehh, i found out i got a D on my bio lecture exam. BUMMER. Something is wrong with Texas.Lately theres been a series of bi-ploar weather and its really affecting my wardrobe choices. (which is already impaired because i havent washed a single thing to prevent reoccuring outfits. the left overs are getting harder and harder to style) Today for example, it was hot in the sun yet freezing in the shade. Texas please get better soon.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Advocates for Animal Welfare

shorts- aeropostale
shirt- marvel- frm target
belt- vintage
moccasins- american eagle outfitters
im a member of this club called Advocates for Animal Welfare and we tried to sell baked goods at UTPA's
art walk but the weather wouldnt let us accomplish anything. Blah rain.
i have photos of a few things that we were selling.

home made doggie treats

Monday, April 5, 2010

watching my gray boots walk by

long day today. dont hate the boots. pale gray, vintage, rugged
cant hate these boots!
shirt- old navy
skirt- old navy
boots- vintage
socks- target
muiti colored- flea market
green- handmade by my dad
white- disney world
hummingbird- target

Sunday, April 4, 2010

egg day

taylor swift inspired outfit

nightgown or pretty hippie dress?

Happy Easter everyone! today consists of dodging raw eggs, confetti eggs and water balloons. 2 outfits are posted. enjoy

1. nightgown? or pretty hippie dress?
dress- vintage
belt- grandma's vintage scarf
hat- merona frm target

2. Taylor Swift inspired outfit
glasses- my dad's work avatars
dress- charlotte russe
belt- vintage
heels- nine west

Thursday, April 1, 2010

strangers are awesome

i was having trouble taking photos of myself( i kept cutting off my head)until a nice stranger asked if i needed help. I made a new friend and his name is Enrique,( i think that's how you spell it I'm terrible wt names ).


dress- miley cyrus & max azria
belt- vintage
shoes- my sister's montego bay club