Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dirty hair photographs best

love this sweet cowgirl outfit- the jacket matches the boot wonderfully-
love that her skirt is knee high!! this is so pretty pastels! part hippie- part vintage cool. love the bag-wish i would of gotten a closer picture!
shirt-mossimo supply co. frm target
hat- target
shoes- american eagle
belt- vintage
not much today, just Univ and English class- they were pretty fun actually. Turns out the number one thing i wouldn't give up is 'Good family relationships' HA! who knew? UNIV always brings out the weird in me :) English was awesome have a huge project due Monday where it requires me to be creative- easy A if you ask me.
Earth Day tomorrow!
EHH prom dress shopping tomorrow-
lol my high school boy friend is taking me to his senior prom
yes, im in college- no im not a cradle robber he's my age!
he was held back a year.
cnt wait for him to join me at Pam Am ...
can you tell that my hair is extremely dirty? well it might not look it but
sure feels like it - hence the title of this blogpost