Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ive got the blues.

plaid shirt: mossimo supply frm target
short: vintage abercrombie & fitch
Belt: vintage
tights: walmart
boots: gift frm my mom
bag: vintage aspen woods

So sad that Bret Micheal's concert got cancelled. Hope you feel well Bret! get better soon! well my Austin trip is in full swing. Just counting down the day till i leave. YAY mighty Texas dog walk here i come!
I'm getting kinda tired of all this rain. Well mainly I'm tired of getting RAINED ON. Ehh ruins outfits, makes my hair smell weird. BLAH RAIN but i have been noticing a rain trend. Everyone is bring out their daisy dukes and cowboy boots/rain boots. I too have done the same, who wants saggy wet pants anyways?