Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a case of bad timing?

spring break is in 2 days for us college kids. I suppose i started this blog at the wrong time... spring break isn't really known for its fashion now is it? :/ Well the show must go on, here is some background info about me and the point of this blog.

Me: i go by the name sammi or samson which ever works best for you- currently 19, loves fried oreos, rock climbing, aspiring to be a veterarniarn, freshmen in college

Blog: i want the world to know that Texas is fashionable! we don't ride on ponies to school and we dnt wear boots and cowboy hats 24/7. But to make my case bigger, the people frm this blog will not be frm Austin nor Dallas. This blog is broadcast live from the Rio Grande Valley, which is located in DEEP SOUTH TEXAS, our fashion is underestimated and i want the world to know a thing or two about RGV fashion. hence the blog :). Dnt believe me, the proof will be in the photos, till then ta-ta world wide web.
- samson

NOTE: i just remembered that RGV Stock Show is coming up in five days. the tradition for Stock Show is to dress up and hats and such so i may have spoken too soon... UGH