Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Road Trip: San Antonio


$3 dollar sunglasses frm walmart

dress (actually a long top): old lady romper that i cut into a dress

shoes: flea market garden shoes

top: vintage flowy top (as seen in)


shorts: american eagle

sandals: my sisters

bag: flip-side

sunglasses: walmart

Japanese tea garden


dress: forever 21

sandals: my sisters

Road trip with the boyfriend's family. Saw things i'd never seen before, went to places ive never been before. It was a happy-homesick vibe the whole time. Well not exactly homesickness is was more family sickness- wish they were right be side me at these places and events. on the bright side Fuentes family was great! this is the what?.. second road trip they've taken me on, ( first one was a graduation road trip to Disney world-that was a one week road trip to Florida!! ) Ha i think im gonna save up some money so i can take my family there too. time to buy a
piggie bank!!