Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby Name Fever (not actual baby...yet)

Look even though I’m a semi-single (my ex/boyfriend and i are currently in a 'rough spot' in our 5years and 9 mths relationship) women of 21 years of age; i REALLY think about baby names! I know kids are a long way off (about 8 years) and I’m just trying to survive as a college student currently working at this hell-hole called JcPenney's (sorry Ellen). i look up meanings and i consider nicknames that could possibly be embarrassing for my future children. See little ones! Momma loves you, even though your not born yet!
Ive created a list of potential baby names , Consider, this list is about... ahh, five years old and has been altered , modified, traded, substituted, swapped and dragged through the mud. AND THANKS TO MY YOUNGER SISTER they will ALL have middle names!
Olivia Madeleine
Quinn Stacy

Meredith Raine

Lillian Brooke
Daphne Aria

OTHERS: Raviva - Schuyler - Thaila - Lydia - Luna - Misty -Arwin -Catherine - Allegra - Sora- lea

Blake Anderson

Luke Austin

Dean Thomas

Marshall Emerson

Ezra Reid

Nathaniel Elliot

Charles Xavier * see what I did there?

OTHERS: Brandon - Benjamin - Craig - Holden